Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in North America.  In Florida, the number of kids playing lacrosse has tripled in the last 10
years.  This growth has led to changes in the equipment.  The sticks are more advanced and the protective equipment is better
made and much safer than just a few years ago.  There are now hundreds of companies manufacturing lacrosse equipment.  So,
where do you start?

Do's and Dont's  

buy your equipment from the local sporting goods stores.  Managers stock low end "beginner and intermediate" equipment,
and most of the employees know little or nothing about the sport.  They can't direct you to the proper gear.

DO buy on-line or at lacrosse specific stores in Jacksonville or Orlando.  You can purchase the appropriate gear on-line and it is
usually much cheaper than the local stores.  We recommend,, Lax Monkey,, or Lacrosse

Don't buy low end or "beginner" sticks (particularly girls).  These sticks are poorly made and do not have the necessary forward
cant.  They are much harder to catch, throw and cradle with and make it difficult to learn these skills.    

DO spend a few bucks more for better equipment.  Like anything else, equipment quality is dictated by the price.  On one hand,
you may not want to spend the money if you aren't sure if you will like the sport.  On the other hand, if you buy a cheap stick, it will
be harder to learn with and you will become frustrated.   

DO try out gear your friends are using.  Using a stick for just a few minutes can tell you a lot.        

Some recommended heads:

Girls                                                                                Boys

deBeer NV3                                                                    Brine Clutch
Brine Amonte or Dynasty                                                Warrior Evolution
STX Crux or Exult                                                            Brine King                                                  
Brine Mantra                                                                   Warrior Rabil

Shop around... you can buy most of these as a complete stick (head and shaft) or buy the head and shaft separately.  For girls, if
you have a choice of "pocket", the runway pocket appears to be the most durable.  For boys, there are lots of stringing options.  
See for further information.

Girls Goggles                                                                   Boys Helmets

STX 4Sight + or 4Sight Pro                                              Cascade CPV-R                                            
Cascade Poly Air                                                             Cascade CPX-R or CS-R
UA Illusion or Charge                                                       STX Stallion

Girls Helmets

Girls helmets are optional in this program since we are not under the FHSAA rules.  However, girls may wear helmets as long as
they are either the Girls Cascade LX or Hummingbird.  These are soft helmets and are not to be confused with a boy's hard
helmet.  The Cascades can be found at Dick's Sporting for about $149.  I have a few of these new Cascades in stock, black in
color, for $115.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Boys Protective Gear

In addition to the helmet and stick, boys need to purchase gloves, arm guards and shoulder pads.  Again, don't buy beginner, cloth
type gear because it will not last longer than one season.  On the other hand, don't buy the high end gear either.  The stuff in the
middle will do the trick.  Some recommendations:  

Gloves:  Brine King, Evo Pro, Brine Clutch, STX Cell, Warrior Burn
Shoulder Pads:  STX Cell, Brine Clutch or King, Maverick Rome, Warrior EVO.  Buy the pads, not the liners.
Arm Guards or Pads:  Brine Clutch, STX Cell.   Terminology... offensive players "guards", midfielders and defensive players
generally wear "pads".  Defensive players wear the shorter pads.